October 18, 2020

Ravens Roost | Virginia Mountain Photo Locations


There is something absolutely magical about a fall engagement session at Ravens Roost Overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway. It is so magical that on any given day, dozens of photographers are there. When Anna reached out to me about taking engagement portraits there, I was so excited. However, I immediately warned her about how busy it can get. She was not worried, though! We decided to meet up on a Thursday to minimize crowds. Well, after a perfect forecast all week, it began raining. Thankfully, all three of us had the next day free – so it was easy to reschedule! For most of our fall engagement sessions that end at Ravens Roost, we start at a nearby picnic area. Then, we (in non-Covid years) carpool to the overlook to conserve parking space. There are so many great spots at the overlook. You can shoot in almost any direction and be happy with the results! As the sun was setting, we went to the iconic Ravens Roost tree for final sunset portraits. These are always my favorites.

If you loved these portraits, be sure to check out Megan + Dan’s session from late fall at Raven’s Roost!

If you want more Virginia mountain content, be sure to check out Lindsay + David’s maternity session at Big Meadows!

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