October 11, 2021

Our Engagement Photos


It’s time for a personal wedding planning update! We love taking and sharing others’ photos, but we’re turning the camera around and sharing our engagement photos taken by The Mallorys at Waterperry Farm.

When we first booked our photographers, a lot of people asked how we discovered and decided on them to capture our engagement and wedding. We are lucky to have so many amazing photographers nearby, but we knew early on The Mallorys would be one of our top choices. I have known the owners, Bethany and Aaron since we moved to Waynesboro, which was around three years ago. They own a cute house-turned-coffee shop in the downtown area. It was here that I first met Bethany for business coaching and I have been following her and her husband’s journey through pregnancy, parenthood and absolutely rocking their businesses. We were so excited to learn they were available for our wedding date! They have the authentic, emotional style we like with a bit of a fine art feel. We love that they are a husband and wife team and also shoot in film.

After we booked our photographers, we had to pick an engagement session location. This was difficult for us! We knew we wanted a place different from our venue, but that still seemed like “us.” Neither of us is very urban, so we thought a setting in nature would be best. I had been following Waterperry Farm on social media for a while. At one point, I saw them post photos from a small elopement that had taken place there and they were some of the most inspiring photos I had seen. I decided to reach out to the owner, Bethany, to see if she was okay with us shooting our engagement photos there. Thankfully, she was! We booked a mid-spring date for our session and we were set.

When the evening of our engagement session came, we met Bethany and Aaron at Waterperry Farm. The weather was cooperative (the perfect spring weather) and we were able to take photos in that beautiful golden hour light. Like I tell all my couples, bring multiple outfits for variety. We each brought two outfits to change into. This helped break up the “shooting time,” so that we could give our smiling cheek muscles a break. We ended up shooting for nearly two hours, but the time flew by. It felt like a double date with Bethany and Aaron – we had so much fun hanging out with them. Now, we have photos that line the walls of our home, so we can remember our engagement for years to come.

Without further ado, please enjoy some of our favorite engagement photos taken by the Mallorys at Waterperry Farm!

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