February 3, 2020

Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Planning Tips

Questions to ask your wedding photographer | navy blue engagement dress with neutral wedding bouquet

One of the biggest things I hear from almost everyone getting married is that they are immediately in over their head. That totally makes sense – most people have not done this “marrying” thing before! I know for me, asking questions and gathering info is incredibly helpful when I have to make major decisions – especially when there is money tied to it. I love when I am on the phone with a couple and they are asking me great questions. I want them to be absolutely sure in their decision to hire me! That being said there needs to be a reason behind the questions. There are a few generic lists of questions that are floating around (looking at you, The Knot) that have questions on it that have absolutely nothing to do with anything. I have had tons of potential couples ask me what equipment I use. Of course, I am happy to answer, but for the majority of couples, they have no idea about different camera bodies/lenses and they don’t care. They are just asking that because it is on a list of questions that they feel they should ask.

So – that begs the question: what should you ask your potential wedding photographer? Well, that all depends on what is important to you both. Are you having an outdoor reception under the stars? Make sure to ask to see examples of their outdoor reception photos. Are you paranoid about rain and you’re planning on an outdoor ceremony? Ask about your photographer’s rain plan! My hope is that I can create a list of meaningful questions from which you can pick and choose based on what is most important to you!

General Questions

  1. Do you have a business license and insurance? SO IMPORTANT!!! Please ask this of all of your vendors.

  2. What is your data protection plan? How do you store the images?

  3. What is the backup plan in case something happens to you?

  4. Do you offer albums and prints?

  5. Do you have example albums we can see?

  6. How do you deliver images?

  7. We have already had an engagement session with a friend. Do we need an engagement session with you?

  8. Can we bring our dog to the engagement session?

  9. How do you make our timeline?

  10. I have a wedding planner. How do you work with them on the timeline?

  11. Do you have a list of vendors you enjoy working with or recommend?

Wedding-Day Specific Questions

  1. Have you worked at our venue before?

  2. Should we have a second shooter?

  3. How many hours do I need to book you for, given our venue(s)?

  4. What is your experience with shooting church ceremonies?

  5. What is your experience with dark receptions?

  6. What is your rain plan?

  7. I am really wanting sunset photos. Can you do that?

  8. Our dog is going to be in our wedding. How does that work for photos?

  9. I have a videographer. How do you all work together on the wedding day?

  10. I think I want a sparkler exit. Do you have experience with that?

I also want to mention that my goal for prospective client calls is for me to get to know you better and for you both to learn a little bit more about my process and why I do what I do. I am happy to answer anything and everything, but I also want to respect both of our time.

I hope these help! If you think of any additional questions I am missing here, please let me know in the comments below.

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