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How many images will I receive?

For weddings, I typically deliver 75-100 photos for each hour that I am there. This is not a guarantee and the number of final images will depend on the timeline and other factors. For portrait sessions, I deliver 50+ edited, high-resolution images via your online gallery.

How soon will I get my photos?

For weddings, be on the look out for an email within 3-4 weeks of your wedding day. This allows me to go through, pick the best images, edit each one and check to make sure everything is the best quality. For engagement sessions, please allow 2 weeks to receive your final gallery.

I heard you have discounts for certain venues. Is my venue on that list?

Photography is just as much about passion for me as it is about business. There are some venues that I am just dying to photograph a wedding at! I have deeply discounted pricing for my dream venues, which currently includes: Pippin Hill, the Clifton Inn, Great Marsh Estate, Dover Hall, and, of course, The Biltmore Estate (a girl can dream – am I right?!).

Do I need a permit for my engagement location?

Most locations in and around D.C. do require a permit, whereas most other locations do not. If you are unsure about your location, please let me know and I will look into it for you. A list of many sites that do require permits can be found here. If your location does require a permit, I will be responsible for the paperwork, but you will be responsible for the cost. Permit payment fees are due one week before your scheduled engagement session.

Do you shoot weddings that aren’t local to you?

Absolutely! There are small travel fees for any location more than 60 miles from my home in Waynesboro, VA, but some locations will have discounted travel fees, since they are on my travel bucket list! Current bucket list of locations: Joshua Tree NP, Yosemite NP (pretty much any national park), the Pacific Northwest, Greece, Italy, and Spain.

Where should we take our engagement session photos?

For help with all things wedding planning, check out my blog posts on the topic here. Specifically, here is a blog post highlighting some of my favorite fall engagement session location ideas! And coming soon: a full engagement session guide!

Who is your second shooter? Is it helpful to have one?

Oh my goodness – absolutely!! I love, love, love working with other photographers, and I think it is invaluable to have a second shooter on your wedding day. Almost all of my packages include one, and I always push for clients to add one on if their package doesn’t include one. To learn more about my partner and his shooting style, click here.




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Your new photographer bestie who will bring the passion and loads of confidence-boosting encouragement

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Your new photographer bestie who will bring the passion and loads of confidence-boosting encouragement

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